Sentence Examples

  • A large extent of woodland consists of ash and chestnut plantations, maintained for the growth of hop poles.
  • The knife-edges on which the hopper rests are on two hori - zontal levers, one on each side of the hop From the Notice issued by the Standards Department per.
  • California is one of the leading hop-producing states of the Union, the average annual production since 1901 being more than 10,000,000 lb.
  • Brewing (from the produce of local hop-gardens) and the manufacture of agricultural implements are also carried on.
  • They seem also never to walk or run when on the ground, but always to hop. The bodyfeathers are commonly loose and soft; and, gaily coloured as are most of the species, in few of them has the plumage the metallic glossiness it generally presents in the pies, while the proverbial beauty of the "jay's wing" is due to the vivid tints of blue - turquoise and cobalt, heightened by bars of jet-black, an indication of the same style of ornament being observable in the greater FIG.

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