Sentence Examples

  • The best daytime scoops of the last decade include Genie Francis returning to General Hospital after a very public breakup with the producers of the show and Laura's subsequent insanity jaunt.
  • Fashion-forward parents around the globe can now make like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt as they take their little ones in hand, and jaunt off to the park for an impromptu family picnic.
  • All you really need to do is take a short jaunt through musical history, survey the evolution of emo music, and decide which hairstyle best reflects your understanding of emo-ness.
  • Day trip or vacation - Take your partner on a surprise getaway to the mountains or the beach, or surprise him or her with a jaunt to the site of your first date or first kiss.
  • This series; however, it not without it's visits to spinning space stations, other star ships and the occasional jaunt to the elite societies of the core planets.