Positive Words That Start With J

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Updated July 12, 2021
Positive J words examples
    Positive J words examples
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When it comes to positive words beginning with J, you’ve reached the crown jewel. From jammy to just, find several positive words that begin with J that you might add to your journal or even your jokes. Beyond just words, you’ll find some fun, jovial sentences that will have you jumping-up with joy.

Words Beginning With J That Have 5 or Fewer Letters

You don't have to be a jimp or a jet setter to join in this fun. Explore nice words that start with J to add to your repertoire.




jammy (adj.)


charmed, lucky, fortunate

jaunt (n.)

a short vacation or pleasure trip

trip, outing, day trip

jazz (n.)

type of music with forceful rhythm

ragtime, boogie, jive

jeez (int.)

an expression showing surprise

good grief, OMG, geez

jest (n.)

a joke

taunt, jibe, joke, jeer

jewel (n.)

stone, precious gem, or something of value

gem, precious stone, gemstone

jig (v.)

making energetic jerky movement typically to music

jerk, jiggle, thrash

jimp (adj.)

slim and trim

delicate, trim, slender

join (v.)

bring together or connect

connect, fasten, bring together

joke (v.)

saying or doing something to make others laugh

jest, banter

jolly (adj.)

happy or cheerful

cheerful, cheery, merry

joss (n.)

Chinese deity or shrine image

idol, deity, statue

joy (n.)

a feeling of delight or cheer

delight, pleasure, happiness

jumbo (n.)


huge, enormous, vast

just (adj.)

right or fair

righteous, fair, equitable


Words Beginning With J That Have 6 or More Letters

While short words can be a jim-dandy, you can find good words that start with J by adding a few more letters. Peruse J words that have six or more letters.




jampacked (adj.)

filled tightly or to the maximum level

crammed, filled, jammed

jamboree (n.)

boisterous celebration

rally, gathering, festival

jamming (v.)

the process of cramming things

brimming, bursting, cramming

jaw-dropping (adj.)

causing astonishment or amazement

astounding, stunning, amazing

jazz up (v.)

to adorn or brighten something

amp up, animate, invigorate

jet set (n.)

fashionable, wealthy people that travel

fashionable, high society, cream of society

jim-dandy (n.)

very pleasing or awesome person or thing

cat’s meow, crackerjack, beauty

jingle (n.)

small bell sound; advertisement music

clink, tinkle, ding; slogan, catchphrase, ditty

jittery (adj.)

jumping or vibrating

excitable, fidgety, edgy

jitterbug (n.)

boisterous dance move performed to swing music

boogie, dance, shimmy

jocose (adj.)

playful or joking

jest, joke, humorous

jocular (adj.)

jokingly or full of fun

funny, witty, comical

jocund (adj.)

cheery or lighthearted

cheerful, happy, jolly

jocundity (n.)

witty remark


joking (v.)

act of joking or engaging in jokes

jesting, bantering, joshing

jollily (adv.)

in a cheerful or jolly manner

charmingly, amusingly, merrily

jounce (v.)

bounce or shake

bounce, jolt, bump

jovial (adj.)

playful and full of good humor

playful, cheerful, genial

joyful (adj.)

happy, exhibiting joy

cheerful, happy, merry

joyride (n.)

a ride for pleasure

drive, excursion, jaunt

jubilant (adj.)

showing great elation or rejoicing

elated, euphoric, exuberant

jubilee (n.)

special anniversary that marks 25 or 50 years

bash, shindig, ceremony

judicious (adj.)

showing sound or good judgment

cautious, prudent, careful

juggler (n.)

person who juggles objects

entertainer, magician

juiciness (n.)

something that is mouthwatering or juicy

succulence, tenderness, moistness

jump-up (v.)

to move to a higher position

boost, climb, hoist

jumpstyle (n.)

electronic dancing style


Junoesque (adj.)

bearing beauty like Juno

beautiful, shapely, curvaceous

justice (n.)

using law or supporting fair treatment

fairness, fair play, equity

justified (adj.)

with a legitimate reason

condoned, defended, supported

justly (adv.)

in a fair or righteous manner

justifiably, legitimately, rightly

juvenescent (adj.)

getting youthful or becoming young

childlike, youthful, innocent


Example Sentences Using Positive J-Words

Just defining words will never do this article justice; therefore, you can join in exploring these fun sentences. They might even leave you feeling jittery!

  • His actions in court were justified.
  • The family had a nice, relaxing jaunt.
  • The jaw-dropping dress fit her perfectly.
  • Tommy and I went for a joyride.
  • The juggler was amazing.
  • That was the biggest jewel I’d ever seen in a ring.
  • The girl had a joyful expression when she saw her new car.
  • The joke had milk shooting out my nose.
  • They jigged around the living room laughing.
  • That boy was a jim-dandy if I ever saw one.

Nice Words Beginning With J

J is a fun letter. It’s jampacked with jokes, joy, and jubilation. Beyond just positive words that begin with J, you might check out adjectives that begin with J or even look at nouns. There is always fun with kids’ words that being with J. That’s not even a joke!