Adjectives That Start With J

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Updated June 28, 2022
Adjectives That Start with J
    Adjectives That Start with J
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The letter "j" can add all kinds of fun adjectives to a sentence. Your sentence could be jaunty or jeering. It might even be jimp. Explore a jovial list of jazzy adjectives that start with "j."

Common Adjectives That Start With J

The letter "j" has an interesting history. It is actually a pretty new addition to the English alphabet. Prior to medieval times, if the letter "i" was followed by another vowel, it and was pronounced as "y." In the Middle Ages, the letter "j" was assigned to this sound, so a word like "iest" transformed into "jest." Who knew, right? It’s such a common letter, to our knowledge. But, sure enough, it didn’t enter the English language until later in history. Now to take a look at common adjectives that start with "j".


Adjectives That Start With Ja-Ji

The letter "j" is going to have you jumping right out of your seat. Take a look at some juicy adjectives that start with the letter "j."

  • jaded - tired or dulled by experience or overindulgence
  • jagged - having rough, sharp edges
  • jaggy - notched
  • jam-packed - completely filled
  • Jamaican - relating to Jamaica
  • jammed - filled
  • jangling - producing sounds that are discordant
  • Japanese - relating to Japan
  • jarring - disturbing; scary
  • jaunty - fashionable; stylish
  • jazzy - lively and bright (can also mean flashy)
  • jealous - envious
  • jeering - mocking; scoffing
  • jellied - turned to jelly
  • jesting - humorous, playful, mocking
  • jet - blackest black
  • jeweled - covered in jewels
  • Jewish - relating to Jews
  • jiggish - playful; frisky
  • jilted - cast off
  • jingly - ringing sounds of small bells
  • jimp - elegant; neat; trim
  • jingoistic - overly nationalistic or patriotic
  • jinxed - having bad luck or misfortune
  • jittery - very nervous or uneasy; jumpy, on edge

Adjectives That Start With Jo-Ju

As you can see, a lot of "j" adjectives are very positive, relating to humor, playfulness and joking, and will really liven up your writing. Can you think of any more joyous "j" adjectives to add to the list? Not to worry, we can in the list below.

  • jobless - unemployed
  • jocose - humorous; joking
  • jocular - full of fun; marked by joking or humor
  • jocund - cheerful; in high spirits
  • jointed - having areas joined together
  • joking - humorous
  • jolly - happy
  • jovial - joyful and playful
  • joyful - great pleasure or happiness
  • jubilant - triumphant or exulting shouts
  • judgemental - critical of others
  • judicious - showing good judgment; wise
  • juiceless - dull or lifeless
  • juicy - succulent or ripe
  • jumbo - very large
  • jumpy - anxious or uneasy
  • jungly - wild and lush
  • junior - younger person
  • jural - of or relating to the law
  • Jurassic - very old; relating to Mesozoic era
  • juristic - relating to legal rights
  • just - morally right or fair
  • justifiable - right or defensible
  • jutting - extend out
  • juvenile - relating to young people

J Adjectives Practice Sentences

Now that you know a few fun adjectives that start with "j," you can see these adjectives at play through a few fun sentences.

  1. After working for five years as a teacher, Jim got jaded and left teaching.
  2. After two cups of coffee, I often feel jittery. So, I have switched to drinking herbal tea.
  3. My next-door neighbor is quite a jazzy dresser. Every day I see her in a great outfit.
  4. Michael usually makes judicious decisions, but he recently quit his job just because he was bored.
  5. Monica is always so jocund. I don’t think there has been a day when I have seen her in a bad mood.
  6. After having her car and bike stolen within a week, Ann began to think that she was jinxed.
  7. I don’t like going to July 4 parades. It feels too jingoistic with all those people madly waving American flags.
  8. The main requirement for playing Santa Claus is that you have to at least be jovial and like children.
  9. The dinner party was quite jocose. We were laughing and telling jokes for most of the evening.
  10. The way that they acted was quite juvenile. They could have been more mature about the whole situation.

Exploring Jazzy J Adjectives

Expanding your vocabulary can add new life to your writing. It can also be fun. Try adding jazzy or jumbo to your writing and see what happens. It will give it more life and flavor. Ready to keep going in your adjective exploration. Next up are adjectives that start with "k."