Sentence Examples

  • Banal lyrics with meaning and worth is another essential weapon in a jazz singer's armory.
  • Our thanks go to Franks for his use of jazz influences to complement his excellent lyric content, and King for writing some of the great soul classics.
  • Today, Capezio's line includes the best commercial jazz, tap, and ballet shoes, but Capezio also offers ice skates and the same custom shoemaking for professional companies that originated in that small storefront over a hundred years ago.
  • If you have very specific goals for your guitar playing - say, you want to play jazz or you want to play in a nu-metal band - you'll need to be sure you can find the kinds of lessons you need online before you commit to learning this way.
  • While the dancers in the video, including Beyonce, have professional training in many disciplines from ballet and jazz to hip hop and other urban dance moves, you don't necessarily have to have that kind of training to learn the dance.