25 Most Fun Words to Say Out Loud

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Updated June 25, 2020
Use of hornswoggle word
    Use of hornswoggle word
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Fun words to say run from old-fashioned words and modern slang. While they might not all be proper English, this word list can add a little fun to your vocabulary. Choose one or two words to start using today.

Fun Words You Can Say Every Day

Common English words like “but” are fun to say, but some of the most fun words you can speak are not commonly used. Some of the funniest words you can say are words you’re not used to using, but you could slip them in on a daily basis.




badassery (n.)

behavior or quality of being cool and tough

That kind of badassery is enviable.

blithering (adj.)

talking without making sense

He sounds like a blithering idiot.

bougie (adj.)

slang for acting like you’re a higher social status

Her bougie attitude is a real turnoff.

d’oh (interj.)

expresses frustration at own stupidity

D’oh! Why did I do that?

ignoramus (n.)

someone dumb

Did you see that ignoramus lick the cereal box?

flatulent (adj.)

having gas in the body

I’m feeling flatulent today.

nincompoop (n.)

silly or stupid person

Your brother is a complete nincompoop.

noob (n.)

slang for person who is new or lacks experience

That noob doesn’t even know how to use his weapon.

poppycock (n.)


I say astrology is poppycock.

whippersnapper (n.)

insignificant or pretentious young person

That whippersnapper has no idea how to be a good neighbor.

zozzled (adj.)


We got zozzled last night.


Fun Words to Add to Your Vocabulary

If you’re looking to add some new words to your vocabulary, these fun-sounding words are great options.




alakazam (int.)

magic word used for conjuring

Alakazam! Now you’re a chicken.

argle-bargle (n.)

slang for a verbal argument

Enough with this argle-bargle!

barbigerous (adj.)


That barbigerous bartender is hot!

bunburying (n.)

avoiding duties by claiming to have fake appointments with fictitious people

You’re not going to meet Spiderman, you’re just bunburying!

doppelganger (n.)

either of two people who closely resemble each other

Cher is my Hollywood doppelganger.

febricula (n.)

a slight fever

Her febricula is nothing to worry about.

gobbledygook (n.)

unclear, wordy jargon

Don’t give a speech with your mouth full, it’s just gobbledygook.

hornswoggle (v.)

to trick

I won’t let you hornswoggle me out of the last cookie.

jabberwocky (n.)

nonsensical speech or writing

My toddler wrote some jabberwocky today.

kerfuffle (n.)

state of disorder or confusion

Imagine the kerfuffle if farms didn’t exist.

onomatopoeia (n.)

word that sounds like the sound of the object it’s describing

You should add some onomatopoeia to your children’s story.

pooter (n.)

special jar used for collecting small insects

Don’t forget your pooter for the bug hunt.

snollygoster (n.)

politician guided by personal advantage

Some think the president is a snollygoster.

wisenheimer (n.)


That old wisenheimer always has a slick comeback.


Say It for Fun

Using fun words in your everyday speech can add some excitement to your life and the lives of those you speak to. Check out slang words throughout American history and even Old English words to find some new words that will jazz up your speech.