Sentence Examples

  • She had him at bay and he was going to pay for his belligerent behavior.
  • They provide that irregular bands in order to enjoy recognition as belligerent forces shall (a) have at their head a person responsible for his subordinates, (b) wear some fixed distinctive badge recognizable at a distance, (c) carry arms openly, and (d) conform in their operations to the laws and customs of war.
  • The rules, however, also provide that in case of invasion the inhabitants of a territory who on the approach of the invading enemy spontaneously take up arms to resist it, shall be regarded as belligerent troops if they carry arms openly and respect the laws and customs of war, although they may not have had time to become organized in accordance with the above provisions.
  • Belligerent noises are now coming out of the United States.
  • By preventing Kim Jong-Il from acquiring nuclear materials before he become even more belligerent, we thought we could prevent war.

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