Sentence Examples

  • The "fable" appears to be antagonistic to ideas of monarchy.
  • Lastly, in a few instances one organism has an antagonistic action to another; for example, the products of B.
  • In the third place, the rejection of the Wilmot Proviso and the acceptance (as regards New Mexico and Utah) of "Squatter Sovereignty" meant the adoption of a new principle in dealing with slavery in the territories, which, although it did not apply to the same territory, was antagonistic to the Missouri Compromise of 1820.
  • Although the protective tariffs thus imposed have resulted in a large increase in manufacturing industries, some of them have been antagonistic to the productive interests of the country, as in the case of weaving mills which use imported yarns.
  • If the number of zones be even, the action of the first and last zones are antagonistic, and there is complete darkness at the point.

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