Sentence Examples

  • It was, however, profoundly repugnant to him.
  • He appears to have been especially chagrined because the crown lands were not his personal property, but the whole of the new arrangements were repugnant to him.
  • The story is in both cases more human and less repugnant than the, in some respects, similar story of Griselda.
  • C. I were revived by the i Elizabeth c. 1, the scheme was never executed, and the ecclesiastical laws remained on the footing assigned to them in that statute - so much of the old ecclesiastical laws might be used as had been actually in use, and was not repugnant to the laws of the realm.
  • Though the measure was in itself repugnant to Maria Christina, the pressing needs of her government compelled her to consent when Juan Alvarez y Mendizabal (1790-1853), a minister of Jewish descent, forced on.