Sentence Examples

  • I know it's an archaic idea for a woman to want the man to wear the pants, but I'm entitled to my opinion the same as you and Lori.
  • His head was of somewhat archaic type: the Otricoli mask which used to be regarded as a copy of the head of the Olympian statue is certainly more than a century later in style.
  • When improvements in the structure of an instrument remove from the modern composer's memory an entire category of limitations which in classical music determined the very character of the instrument, the temptation is easy to regard the improvement as a kind of access of wisdom, in comparison with which not only the older form of the instrument, but the part that it plays in classical music, is crude and archaic. But we should do better justice to improvements in an instrument if we really understood how far they give it, not merely new resources, but a new nature.
  • A, 18 and 24, we have the archaic letter san (M =s) of the abecedaria (E.
  • 20 and should be called rather Etruscan than archaic. These characteristics of II.

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