Words That Rhyme With Night (Common & Unique)

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Updated February 11, 2021
words that rhyme with night example
    words that rhyme with night example
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What rhymes with night? You might be surprised to discover some of the options! There are a number of words that rhyme with night, so there are plenty of selections for you to consider using in your writing or presentations.

Common Night Rhymes With -ight Endings

The most common rhyming options for night also end in -ight. You might be surprised to discover just how many words fall in this category.

A-F Options With -ight Endings

Consider these early alphabet options when searching for the ideal rhyme. You just might luck out and find a perfect match to convey what you wish to say.

  • airtight
  • alight
  • alright
  • backlight
  • blight
  • birthright
  • bright
  • candlelight
  • copyright
  • daylight
  • delight
  • downright
  • enlight
  • eyesight
  • fight
  • firefight
  • firelight
  • flashlight
  • floodlight
  • foresight
  • fright

G-W Options With -ight Endings

Even if you've found an option that could work, don't stop now! Keep looking for more great end rhyme options that fall later in the alphabet.

  • goodnight
  • headlight
  • height
  • in-flight
  • insight
  • knight
  • light
  • midflight
  • midnight
  • might
  • moonlight
  • overnight
  • outright
  • plight
  • slight
  • tight
  • upright
  • uptight
  • watertight

Common Night Rhymes With -ite Endings

Don't be discouraged if you didn't find a rhyme with the exact same ending letters as night. Another common ending for words that rhyme with night is -ite.

A-L Options With -ite Endings

Consider an alphabetical listing of night rhymes that end with -ite. While they don't provide visual matches for night, the ending of these words sounds exactly the same when spoken.

  • appetite
  • bite
  • calcite
  • campsite
  • cite
  • contrite
  • despite
  • disinvite
  • dynamite
  • excite
  • erudite
  • finite
  • frostbite
  • gravesite
  • highlight
  • ignite
  • impolite
  • incite
  • invite
  • kite

L- W Options With -ite Endings

From common to unusual, there are even more even more -ite rhyiming options later in the alphabet.

  • lite
  • lucite
  • mite
  • on-site
  • parasite
  • quite
  • recite
  • reunite
  • rewrite
  • smite
  • spite
  • sprite
  • tripartite
  • trite
  • website
  • white
  • write

Night Rhymes With -yte Endings

There is also another end rhyme option to consider. A few fairly common rhymes for night end with -yte.

  • acolyte
  • byte
  • electrolyte
  • exabyte
  • kilobyte
  • leukocyte
  • lymphocyte
  • megabyte
  • neophyte
  • phagocyte
  • terabyte

Unique Rhymes for Night

The options above are fairly common words in the English language. If you're looking to go off the beaten path, you may want to use some of these more unique options.

Scientific Words That Rhyme With Night

Some words not commonly used outside of scientific circles rhyme with night.

  • ammonite - fossil shell of an ammonoid, which is a Mesozoic cephalopod
  • anthracite - variety of coal with high pure carbon content
  • chamaephyte - woody perennial with buds that appear just above the soil
  • fluorite - mineral form of calcium fluoride
  • forcite - explosive compound containing nitroglycerin and other substances
  • muscovite -light gray shiny mica present in some igneous rocks
  • quercite - a pentacid alcohol found in acorns;

Archaic Rhyming Words for Night

A few archaic terms that are rarely, if ever, used in modern times rhyme with night. Depending on your literary style, these terms may be appropriate.

  • hight - an archaic term what a person is called ("a boy hight George" would mean "a boy called George")
  • pight - an archaic term that refers to pitching a tent
  • streit - medieval term for a battle
  • wright - an archaic term for one who builds or makes things

Occupations That Rhyme With Night

In relation to the fact that the term "wright" was commonly used for makers, trades are often named using compound words that pair a word or prefix descriptive of what they build with the -wright.

  • boatwright - builds wooden boats
  • cartwright - makes carts or wagons
  • millwright - installs and maintains factor equipment
  • wainwright makes carts or wagons
  • wheelwright - builds and services wooden wheels

Word Pairs That Rhyme With Night

Rhymes don't always have to just be a single word. Maybe your work can benefit from a word pair that rhymes with night.

Word Pairs A-E

Consider this list of word pairs for fun options. These early alphabet selections might reveal an option that meets your needs.

  • all right
  • anchor light
  • arc light
  • beacon light
  • black and white
  • burial site
  • bomb site
  • box kite
  • brake light
  • building site
  • camping site
  • caution light
  • criminally indict
  • degrees Fahrenheit
  • dog bite
  • domestic flight
  • egg white
  • electric light
  • emit light
  • exclusive right

Word Pairs F-W

Still searching for what you need? The perfect pair might be in this list of terms that fall later in the alphabet.

  • first light
  • first sight
  • flea bite
  • green light
  • hold tight
  • human rights
  • insect bite
  • leaf blight
  • legal right
  • own right
  • parking light
  • pillow fight
  • pilot light
  • red light
  • religious rite
  • spy satellite
  • traffic light
  • water sprite

Near Rhymes for Night

Near rhymes, also referred to as slant rhymes, have ending sounds that are very similar to the word with which they're being rhymed. Get creative with these words and phrases that are near rhymes for night.

  • apartheid
  • civil rights
  • copywriter
  • mightn't
  • overexcites
  • property rights
  • sighted
  • suburbanites
  • voting right
  • warning lights
  • water right
  • zoo lights

Perfect Your Writing With the Right Words

Whether you're writing a poem, novel, speech, or just a caption for an image, it is so important to use the right words. Since you're interested in finding words that rhyme with night, you may also find it helpful to look for other time rhymes to weave into your work. This list of dark words for descriptive writing may help you perfect the language usage in your work. You might also find a few words that rhyme with fire useful.