Words That Rhyme With Time: A Quick List

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Updated July 14, 2021
words that rhyme with time example
    words that rhyme with time example
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Are you looking for words that rhyme with time? From short, perfect rhymes to longer words or phrases with similar-sounding endings, you're sure to find what you need. Select the terms that work best in the poem, song lyrics or other work of prose that you're creating.

Single-Syllable Words That Rhyme With Time

Quite a few single-syllable words are perfect rhymes for the word time. A perfect rhyme is a word that, when spoken, has an ending that sounds just like the ending of the word with which it is being rhymed.

  • chime
  • crime
  • dime
  • grime
  • I'm
  • lime
  • Lyme
  • mime
  • prime
  • rhyme
  • rime
  • slime
  • stime
  • thyme

Common Multi-Syllable Words That Rhyme With Time

There are also a number of common perfect thymes for time that have two or more syllables.


Perfect Rhymes With 2 Syllables

One syllable words don't always get the point across. Explore these longer, two-syllable options.

  • airtime
  • bedtime
  • begrime
  • berhyme
  • chowtime
  • daytime
  • flextime
  • halftime
  • lifetime
  • longtime
  • lunchtime
  • mealtime
  • meantime
  • nighttime
  • noontime
  • quicklime
  • ragtime
  • realtime
  • retime
  • sometime
  • sublime
  • springtime
  • teatime
  • uptime
  • wartime

Perfect Rhymes With 3+ Syllables

When a longer rhyme for time fits the cadence of your work better, one of these terms might be the perfect fit.

  • Anaheim
  • anticrime
  • anytime
  • Christmastime
  • dinnertime
  • lemon-lime
  • maritime
  • monorhyme
  • overtime
  • pantomime
  • paradigm
  • showtime
  • summertime
  • wintertime

Scientific Words That Rhyme With Time

While scientific terminology might not be common in everyday language, there are quite a few scientific words that end with the same sound as the word time.

  • apoenzyme
  • chyme
  • coenzyme
  • cyme
  • endoenzyme
  • enzyme
  • exoenzyme
  • holoenzyme
  • isochime
  • isoenzyme
  • isozyme
  • lysozyme
  • mesenchyme
  • multienzyme
  • proenzyme
  • ribozyme

Imperfect Rhymes for Time

While there are quite a few perfect rhymes for time, those words might not always meet your needs. In that case, imperfect rhymes can be a good solution.

Imperfect Rhyming Words Ending in -ine

The ending of an imperfect rhyme is similar to the original wood but is not identical. Many words that end with -ine are imperfect rhymes for time.

  • asinine
  • brine
  • deadline
  • define
  • dine
  • divine
  • fine
  • hairline
  • incline
  • line
  • mine
  • nine
  • outline
  • pine
  • punchline
  • redefine
  • shrine
  • skyline
  • spine
  • swine
  • supine
  • tine
  • vine
  • whine
  • wine

Imperfect Rhyming Words With Other Endings

There are some other letter combinations that form wording endings that sound similar to that of the word time.

  • align
  • anodyne
  • assign
  • benign
  • consign
  • design
  • dyne
  • Frankenstein
  • malign
  • misalign
  • realign
  • resign
  • sign
  • stein
  • trying

Imperfect Rhyme Phrases

Sometimes a word that's an imperfect rhyme might not fit in on its own but could be perfect when used as part of a phrase.

  • auld lang syne
  • be mine
  • out of line
  • standing in the line
  • priorities to align
  • show me a sign

Many Rhyming Options for Time

Now you don't have to wonder what rhymes with time anymore. Instead, your next challenge will be to decide which of these rhyming options best meet your needs. Continue your time rhyming with some words that rhyme with night. Get ready to perfect your prose by learning about common rhyme scheme examples in poetry. Next, especially if you're looking for even more inspiration for creative rhyming options, investigate examples of the many types of rhyme.