Sentence Examples

  • REoo-apes-KaiSEKa, fourteen) formed by truncating the vertices of a cube so as to leave the original faces squares.
  • In another class of myths, man was evolved out of the lower animals - lizards in Australia; coyotes, beavers, apes and other beasts in America.
  • In regard to Tarsius, it is evidently a type nearly between the lemurs and apes, but with many essential characters belonging to the former group."
  • The main facts at the present day are, firstly, the restriction of the Prosimiae, or lemurs, to the warmer parts of the Old World, and their special abundance in Madagascar (where other Primates are wanting); and, secondly, the wide structural distinction between the monkeys of tropical America (Platyrrhina), and the Old World monkeys and apes, or Catarrhina.
  • Remarkable differences in the direction or slope of the hair are noticeable on different parts'of the body and limbs of many mammals, especially in certain apes, where the hair of the fore-limbs is inclined towards the elbow from above and from below.

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