Sentence Examples

  • A flicker of amusement crossed her face.
  • According to that theory, every organ, every part, colour and peculiarity of an organism, must either be of benefit to that organism itself or have been so to its ancestors: no peculiarity of structure or general conformation, no habit or instinct in any organism, can be supposed to exist for the benefit or amusement of another organism, not even for the delectation of man himself.
  • His father, a poor engraver, sent him to study art under the painter David, but his own tastes were literary, and he became a student in the College de France, where it is said he used to exercise his already strongly developed critical faculty by correcting for his own amusement old and bad texts of Greek authors, afterwards comparing the results with the latest and most approved editions.
  • Xander handled the star-struck woman with amusement she expected and patience she didn't.
  • Sasha seemed to be ignoring her, though a small smile of amusement was on his face.

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