Sentence Examples

  • While not the easiest diet to stick to, if you can go with it for three or 12 days without dying of boredom from the lack of variety, you may be able to drop five to 10 pounds quickly, just in time for a major event.
  • The problem is that in addition to his human imprint, Marvin's brain is the size of a planet and he suffers from severe boredom and depression because he is never challenged to fully use his brain capacity.
  • Older children may steal to gain a sense of power, to acquire status with peers who resist authority, to get attention, to take revenge on someone who has hurt them, to alleviate boredom, or to vent unresolved feelings of anger or fear.
  • Holding aloof from active affairs, he tried to relieve the incurable boredom of satiety in.
  • Tina likes to combat her boredom by reading a book.