Sentence Examples

  • Those have found little favour who brought to the debate only formal criticisms or amplifications of the Darwinian arguments, or re-marshallings of the Darwinian facts, however ably conducted.
  • Handlyng Synne, a poem of nearly 13,000 lines, is a free translation, with many additions and amplifications, from William of Waddington's Manuel des Pechiez.
  • The additions made have sometimes the appearance of rhetorical amplifications of Roper's simple statements.
  • "Remember the Sabbath day," Ex.; but "observe," &c., Deut.), and partly consist of amplifications or divergent explanations.
  • Introductory to the Galahad quest, and dealing only with the early history, is the Grand Saint Graal, a work of interminable length, based upon the Joseph of Arimathea, which has undergone numerous revisions and amplifications: its precise relation to the Lancelot, with which it has now much matter in common, is not easy to determine.

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