Sentence Examples

  • On what is perhaps the vital problem of modern education, the question of ancient versus modern languages, he pronounced that the latter "are indispensable accomplishments, but they do not form a high mental training" - an opinion entitled to peculiar respect as coming from a president of the Modern Language Association.
  • And yet, in that world, the Wright brothers flew a plane, a blood transfusion was performed, the speed of light was measured, and an uncountable number of human accomplishments were achieved.
  • He has left a pathetic account of the extraordinary accomplishments of his son Richard, who died before he was six years old, and of a daughter Mary, who lived to be twenty, and probably wrote most of her father's Mundus muliebris (1690).
  • She is described at this time by Scaramelli, Venetian secretary in London, as "of great beauty and remarkable qualities, being gifted with many accomplishments, among them being the knowledge of Latin, French, Spanish, Italian,, besides her native English"; as having "very exalted ideas,.
  • The theory of the ecliptic as representing the course of the sun through the year, divided among twelve constellations with a measurement of 30 to each division, is also of Babylonian origin, as has now been definitely proved; but it does not appear to have been perfected until after the fall of the Babylonian empire in 539 B.C. Similarly, the other accomplishments of Babylonian astronomers, such as their system or rather systems of moon calculations and the drawing up of planetary tablets, belong to this late period, so that the golden age of Babylonian astronomy belongs not to the remote past, as was until recently supposed, but to the Seleucid period, i.e.

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