Sentence Examples

  • The disposition of the breed is playful, so look for the kitten that is batting at the tail of other kittens or stalking them to romp and roll around.
  • You would think the first arrest for lewd acts would have taught the singer to keep his pants on, but in July 2006, George again made headlines, this time for reportedly enjoying a romp in a public park with a 58-year-old van driver.
  • While dogs are typically always ready for affection, a romp in the yard and a pat on the head, cats are more prone to let you know when they will "allow" you to love them.
  • Sure, Pilotwings 64 was utterly forgettable, but Mario 64 was the first game that featured a three-dimensional environment wherein our favorite pudgy plumber in red overalls could romp around and jump on a goomba or two.
  • Unless you're shopping online for vintage items, a quick romp to your nearest Neiman Marcus or Saks will reveal several designer label evening purses that have been manufactured and adorned by hand.