Sentence Examples

  • From playing a young tomboy in Panic Room, to the lead romantic role in the Twilight series, Kristen has proven herself to be one of the most versatile young actresses working today.
  • Inchildhood, girls with gender identity disorder experience less overall social rejection than boys, as it is more socially acceptable for a girl to be a tomboy than for a boy to be perceived as a "sissy."
  • If you are a fan who has read the books as well as seen the movie, you know that in the book she is described as a tomboy kind of girl for most of the story.
  • Is your little girl made of sugar and spice and everything nice, or is she more of a tomboy that is adventurous and ready to explore her surroundings?
  • If you're a tomboy or are turned off by dresses that are too girly, an animal print gown is a great way to tone down the feminine feel of prom night.