Sentence Examples

  • There seems to be confusion and sometimes a breakdown in communication between stylists and clients since the term "Brazilian Blowout" has become somewhat of a catch-all description for keratin hair straightening processes.
  • The Chicken in Paradise Party is similar to the Bonanza and Blowout parties, except you receive 20 chicken tenders, chips and soft drinks instead of pizza or hot dogs.
  • The makers of the Brazilian Blowout claims that hair drying time will be cut in half, frizz will disappear, and your hair will be shinier for three months.
  • Moreover, if your hair is naturally frizzy or curly, a good blowout and a flat iron can give you a new strikingly modelesque look for prom.
  • Brazilian Blowout solution has been shown in some studies to contain formaldehyde, which is a human carcinogen and commonly an allergen.