Sentence Examples

  • As morality depicts him, he becomes intelligible; imagined as Nietzsche describes him he reels back into the beast, and that distinction which chiefly separates man from the animal world out of which he has emerged, viz.
  • The process of unwinding these long reels of paper in the course of printing takes only half an hour; they are arranged on a revolving stand so that directly they are FIG.
  • These presses print from eight different reels of the double width, four placed at each end, of the machine, the delivery being in the centre, and from eight sets of spent the stand is turned half way round, and four other full reels already in position are presented ready to be run into the press.
  • Reels were also commonly used for net making, of pottery (108) or even pebbles (1o9)withagroove chipped around.
  • They may be built on the " deck " principle of two, three, four, or even more reels of paper, and either in single width (two pages wide), or double width (four pages wide).