Sentence Examples

  • There was an inevitable backlash of incredulity.
  • This has generally been regarded as backlash from the "Saturday Night Live" performance, but some maintain that it was just a reaction of her poor singing.
  • Since fashion trends have infiltrated the world of children's clothing resulting in designs that may be too adult-like to meet the approval of some parents, there has been some backlash, particularly in more religious communities.
  • However, come 1991, fraught by a press backlash against indie-dance and a growing obsession for US grunge acts like Nirvana, Happy Mondays staged a half-arsed return to the charts with mediocre single 'Judge Fudge'.
  • The show, as popular as it may be, has received its share of backlash from everyone from Tim Gunn to UNICO, to the entire town of Seaside Heights, where the first season of the show was filmed.