Sentence Examples

  • Over-the-knee and thigh-high leather boots are best worn with skin-tight jeans or leggings, so buy a pair and give them a whirl!
  • You'll also want to check out Expedition Everest and the Primeval Whirl roller coaster if you're looking for an adrenaline rush.
  • There are several gameplay modes available: Classic, Cube, Ricochet, Whirl, Bungee, Tilt-O-Vision, Motion Blur, Breathing, Warped, Distortion, Starfield, Hyperspace, V-Hold, Multi-Screen, Disco and Cloud Cover.
  • During this time, rides and attractions such as a giant Ferris wheel, The Whip, a penny arcade and Tilt A Whirl were constructed.
  • It's easy to let the first few weeks of life with your baby pass in a whirl of feedings, changings, and visits from family.