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ridden, rides, riding, rode
ridden, rides, riding, rode
To sit on and be carried along by a horse or other animal, esp. one controlled by the rider.
Webster's New World
To be carried along (in a vehicle, on a bicycle, etc.)
Webster's New World
To participate in a board sport such as snowboarding.
American Heritage
To travel over a surface.
This car rides well.
American Heritage
To rest on, as by overlapping.
Webster's New World
  • maintain equilibrium. See syn. study at bait.bait
  • hold the road
  • give evidence of good design
  • hold on the curves
  • maintain balance
  • keep an even keel
  • hug the road
  • show good engineering
  • maintain equilibrium
  • corner well
  • remain stable
  • ride evenly
  • ride well
  • perform well
  • perform
A riding; esp., a journey by horse, car, bicycle, etc.
Webster's New World
A means or opportunity to ride, as by automobile.
Do you have a ride home?
Webster's New World
The way a car, etc. rides.
Webster's New World
A road, track, etc. for riding, esp. on horseback.
Webster's New World
A roller coaster, Ferris wheel, or other thing to ride, as at an amusement park.
Webster's New World
ride for a fall
  • To court danger or disaster.
American Heritage
ride herd on
  • To keep watch or control over.
American Heritage
ride high
  • To experience success.
American Heritage
ride shotgun
  • To guard a person or thing while in transit.
  • To ride in the front passenger seat of a car or truck.
American Heritage
take for a ride
  • To deceive or swindle:

    an author who tried to take his publisher for a ride.

  • To transport to a place and kill.
American Heritage

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Origin of Ride

  • From Middle English riden, from Old English rÄ«dan, from Proto-Germanic *rÄ«danÄ…, from Proto-Indo-European *reydÊ°-. Cognate with Low German rieden, Dutch rijden, German reiten, Danish ride, Swedish rida; and (from Indo-European) with Welsh rhwyddhau (“hurry").

    From Wiktionary

  • Middle English riden from Old English rīdan reidh- in Indo-European roots

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

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