Sentence Examples

  • Tiny Shiny has instructions for a crane, box, parrot, pinwheel, and other simple projects for origami beginners.
  • The Sharingan power is marked by red eyes with black detail and can be several different shapes (but not to be confused with the red cat eyes of Naruto), and the Mangekyu one (pinwheel shape) in particular is one of the most popular styles.
  • Some floor cheers are specifically designed to be used on the sidelines of the court, seated in the "pinwheel" position, pom-poms set aside while the hands are used as percussion instruments on the floor, the legs, or clapping together.
  • An actual shuriken or ninja star is often constructed of thin metal with four pointed ends similar to a pinwheel.
  • Lay the first set of triangles on top of the second set at a 90 degree angle so that it resembles a pinwheel.