Sentence Examples

  • Let R = the revolutions per second of the flyer; r = the revolutions per second of the bobbin; d = the diameter of bobbin shaft plus the material; L = the length of sliver delivered per second; then (R - r) d.
  • After the decline of its woollen trade Tiverton became noted for the lace manufacture introduced by John Heathcoat (1783-1861), inventor of the bobbin net frame.
  • In most of the experiments the measurements were made by suddenly withdrawing the bobbin from its place ron FIG.
  • In the jute roving frame the bobbin is termed the "follower," because its revolutions per minute are fewer than those of the flyer.
  • It is easy to see from the above expression that if the bobbin were the "leader" its speed would have to decrease as it filled.