Sentence Examples

  • He was elected governor of Massachusetts in 1919 and in 1920 was reelected under circumstances that attracted nation-wide attention.
  • In 1907 he took a prominent part in advocating the ending, rather than the mending, of the House of Lords; and in 1908 he was elected chairman of the party, a post which he held for two years and to which he was reelected in the autumn of 1914 when the then chairman, Mr. Ramsay Macdonald, had to resign owing to his pacifist views.
  • African War, 1899; he was reelected, however, in 1900 and in 1904.
  • There were occasional disturbances subsequently, but none sufficient to overturn President Zelaya, who was again reelected in 1902 and 1906.
  • In the great strike in the South Wales coal-field in 1898 he addressed, together with Robert Smillie, huge meetings of miners, and in the general election of 1906 he was reelected to Parliament for Merthyr Tydfil.