Lame Duck Definition

An elected officeholder or group continuing in office during the period between failure to win an election and the inauguration of a successor.
American Heritage
An officeholder who has chosen not to run for reelection or is ineligible for reelection.
American Heritage
A disabled, ineffectual, or helpless person or thing.
Webster's New World
An elected official whose term extends beyond the time of the election at which he or she was not reelected.
Webster's New World
An elected official near the end of his or her term who is not seeking reelection and is therefore regarded as having little remaining influence.
Webster's New World
An elected official whose successor has already been elected, and who is serving out the remainder of a term.
Webster's New World Law

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lame duck

Origin of Lame Duck

  • 18th century - A person who had defaulted in the London Stock Exchange was said to waddle out of Exchange Alley like a lame duck.

    From Wiktionary

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