Sentence Examples

  • In what can only be described as an homage to graffiti or street art, the raucous riot of black, yellow and pink is reminiscent of the true power of color.
  • Traditional bachelorette parties usually put the emphasis on party, with many events including club-style music, copious amounts of alcohol and a number of other raucous sources of entertainment.
  • Get Him to the Greek: Starring Russell Brand as Aldous Snow, a failing rock star, Get Him to the Greek is a raucous comedy filled with lots of songs and laughs.
  • St. Martin: Shared between France and the Netherlands, St. Martin (also called Sint Maarten) offers a unique blend of the two cultures with historical tours and elegant shopping paired with raucous casinos and vibrant nightlife.
  • What's more, because of its reputation for laid-back living, most college coeds looking to party hardy bypass Bermuda and opt for a more raucous place to get drunk.