Sentence Examples

  • Her run as hostess of The Ricki Lake Show provided her with ample exposure to rowdy individuals who could have benefited from some fine-tuning.
  • There are families and kids on every ship - particularly on Carnival ships, where there are excellent children's programs - and rowdy or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.
  • This game is best played at a bar, nightclub or gaming area with a somewhat rowdy and fun-loving crowd.The winning team can receive beads, cookies or gift certificates for getting everything first.
  • The SX100B Series II has a maple neck and a rosewood fingerboard with a durable high-gloss finish on the body, neck and headstock to protect it from damage at the rowdy bar gigs you'll take it to.
  • At age 90, a wild beach party or other rowdy, loud gathering might not be at the top of the honoree's list, so think in terms of planning a party that can be enjoyed by everyone.