Restrained Definition

Characterized by restraint; exercising, or showing the results of, self-discipline or rational control; controlled.
Webster's New World
Kept under control; subdued or moderate.
Restrained laughter; a restrained foreign policy.
American Heritage
Characterized by self-restraint; reserved.
A restrained and self-effacing manner.
American Heritage
Prevented from moving; held down or secured.
Restrained passengers.
American Heritage
The definition of restrained is someone or something that is held back, reserved or subtle.
When you don't show your emotions, this is an example of when you might be described as restrained.
When you have a tasteful, simple black dress with no ornamentation, this is an example of an outfit that would be described as restrained.
When you are tied up in handcuffs and you cannot freely move your arms, this is an example of when you are restrained.
When you have your seat belt on in the car, this is an example of a time you are restrained.

Simple past tense and past participle of restrain.

He was restrained by the straight jacket.

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