Sentence Examples

  • Hieroglyphic is normally written from right youth to left, the signs facing to the commencement of the line; hieratic and demotic follow the same direction.
  • The table on next page shows them in their more cor rect position, in order to display more clearly their relation to the hieratic and demotic equivalents.
  • Demotic), secondly the hieratic employed by the sacred scribes, and finally the hieroevil, worthless- glyphic (Strom.
  • Chabas (1817-1882) especially addressed himself to the reading of the hieratic textt of the New Kingdom.
  • The former is found chiefly in tales, letters, &c., written in hieratic on papyri of the XIIIth Dynasty to the end of the Middle Kingdom; also in some inscriptions of the XVIIIth Dynasty.