Sentence Examples

  • The boundary delimited by the Seistan mission of 1870-1872, and known as the Goldsmid line, was drawn along the course of the river Helmund.
  • He pushed out from Moguntiacum, extended the Roman territory east of it and enclosed the whole within a systematically delimited and defended frontier with numerous blockhouses along it and larger forts in the rear.
  • In a few cases both among the higher and the lower plants, of which the formation of spores in the ascus is a typical example, new cells are formed by the aggregation of portions of the cytoplasm around the nuclei which become delimited from the rest of the cell iontents by a membrane.
  • The government of the Roman province thus delimited was entrusted to a praetor or pro praetor, of whom several are now known, e.g.
  • A senatus-consulte of 1863 laid the basis for the change in the land system by providing (I) for the delimitation of the territory of each tribe, (2) for the repartition of the territory thus delimited among newly formed tribal divisions (douars or communes), and (3) for the recognition of private ownership by the issue of title deeds for such individual or family property (melk) as already existed.