Sentence Examples

  • Referred to as oxidation, rancid fish oils lead to lipid peroxides, which "can (and do) start free radical cascades that can damage fatty cellular membranes," according to Dr. Eades.
  • When your digestive tract is sluggish and full of rancid slow-transit foods, it throws off the pH and allows less beneficial microbes to dominate.This can greatly affect your digestion.
  • The liquids are especially popular for their mild, pleasant lemon flavor that doesn't taste at all like fish, but it is easy to tell if it has become rancid just by sniffing it before you take it.
  • In most cases the purification consisted in removing the free fatty acids from rancid oils and fats, the caustic soda forming a soap with the fatty acids, which would either rise as a scum and lift up with it impurities, or fall to the bottom and carry down impurities.
  • It does not evaporate or turn rancid, whilst its marked hygroscopic action ensures the moistness and softness of any surface that it covers.