Sentence Examples

  • His nephew (as some say, though the degree of relationship cannot be clearly established), Publics Cornelius Sulla was consul in 66 B.C. with P. Autronius Paetus.
  • It has served as a basis for a Carte de la France, published by the Service Vicinal on a scale of i: 100,00°, in 59 6 sheets, and of a general map prepared by the ministere des travaux publics on a scale of I: 200,000 in 80 sheets.
  • At the Ecole des Chartes, where his career was remarkably brilliant, his valedictory thesis was an Essai sur les revenus publics en Normandie au XII' siècle (1849), and it was to the history of his native province that he devoted his early works.
  • The Annales des travaux publics (1843), the Bulletin de l'industrie (1842), the Journal des beaux-arts (1858), and the Catholic Precis historiques (1852), the Protestant Chretien belge (1850), are other examples.
  • Egger, Etudes historiques sur les traites publics chez les grecs et chez les romains (new ed., 1866).