Sentence Examples

  • (i) The early period; when he was writing and publishing exoteric dialogues, but also tending to write didactic works, and beginning his scientific writings, e.g.
  • Therefore his contemporary, Cicero, who knew the early dialogues on Philosophy, the Eudemus and the Protrepticus, and also among the mature scientific writings the Topics, Rhetoric, Politics, Physics and De Coelo, to some extent, was justified by Aristotle's example and precept in drawing the line between two kinds of books, one written popularly, called exoteric, the other more accurately (Cic. De Finibus, v.
  • The answer to the first three points is that Aristotle did not make any distinction between exoteric and acroamatic, and was not likely to have any longer taught his exoteric dialogues when he was teaching his mature philosophy at Athens, but may have alternated the teaching of the latter between the more abstruse and the more popular parts which had gradually come to be called " exoteric."
  • This implies that the whole of Western theology has been an aberration or an exoteric veiling of the truth.'
  • The belief in the All-Father in south-eastern Australia is concealed from the women and children who, at most, know his exoteric name, often meaning " Our Father," and is revealed only to the initiate, among whom are a very few white men, like Howitt.