Sentence Examples

  • "He is," wrote another diplomatist, "the proudest prelate that ever breathed."
  • The Catuli and Metelli, among the proudest nobles of Rome, were plebeians, and as such could not have been chosen to the purely patrician office of interrex, or of Jupiter.
  • Presbyterianism can exist and flourish without these survivals of the proudest pretensions of Romanism.
  • This was the kirk's proudest triumph; the countrymen of the preachers had been ruined on " St Covenant's Day."
  • But the proudest boast of Lord Hastings and Sir John Malcolm was, not that they had advanced the pomoerium, but that they had conferred the blessings of peace and good government upon millions who had suffered unutterable things from Mahratta and Pindari tyranny.