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proudest, prouder
proudest, prouder
Having or showing a proper pride in oneself, one's position, one's family, etc.
Webster's New World
Having or showing an overweening opinion of oneself, one's position, etc.; arrogant; haughty.
Webster's New World
Occasioning or being a reason for pride.
A proud moment when she received her diploma.
American Heritage
Feeling or showing justifiable self-respect.
Too proud to beg.
American Heritage
That is an occasion or cause of pride; highly gratifying.
Webster's New World
do oneself proud
  • to do extremely well
Webster's New World
proud of
  • highly pleased with or exulting in
Webster's New World

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  • do oneself proud
  • proud of

Origin of Proud

  • From Middle English proud, prout, prut, from Old English prÅ«d, prÅ«t ("proud, arrogant, haughty"; compare Old English prȳtung (“pride"); prȳde, prȳte (“pride")). Cognate with German Low German praud, Old Norse prúðr ("gallant, brave, magnificent, stately, handsome, fine"; > Icelandic prúður, Middle Swedish prudh, Danish prud), of unknown origin. Perhaps from Vulgar Latin, from Old French prod, prud ("brave, gallant"; > French preux), from an assumed Late Latin *prōdis, related to Latin prōdesse (“to be of value"); however, the Old English umlaut derivatives prȳte, prȳtian, etc. suggest the word may be older and possibly native. See also pride.

    From Wiktionary

  • Middle English from Old English prūd from Old French prou, prud brave, virtuous oblique case of prouz from Vulgar Latin prōdis from Late Latin prōde advantageous from Latin prōdesse to be good prōd- for (variant of prō-) (with d on the model of red-) (prevocalic variant of re- back, again pro–1) esse to be es- in Indo-European roots

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

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