Sentence Examples

  • He didn't understand the ins and outs of their blood bond, but he knew how much she rocked his world when she drank from him earlier.
  • All the guests are staying put, with no check-ins or check-outs, Cynthia said as she and her husband sat down to lunch.
  • I'm sure the poor darlin' is as confused as a mouse in a maze but I'm sorry it's put you two on the outs with each other.
  • Meanwhile the keystone of the regulative system had been laid by the passing of the Industrial Conciliation and Arbitration Act, under which disputes between employers and unions of workers are compulsorily settled by state tribunals; strikes and lock-outs are virtually prohibited in the case of organized work-people, and the conditions of employment in industries may be, and in many cases are, regulated by public boards and courts.
  • Published of trade unions, of strikes and lock-outs and other important subjects.