Sentence Examples

  • Common causes of corneal abrasions include fingernails, make-up implements, paper cuts, plant material, including tree branches, animal scratches, cigarettes, inverted eyelashes, and blunt trauma, such as that with a knife or with scissors.
  • While the number of calories your body needs varies, based on your weight, age and genetic make-up, cutting calories too drastically (experts report below 1,000 calories) can shift your body into starvation mode.
  • Everyone needs healthy and regenerating cells to live properly but if cells are exposed to something that alters their genetic make-up, they may not behave normally and then cancer can occur.
  • He painted the walls a deep blue, used a make-up sponge to apply what actually did appear to be make-up to create a kind of shapeless design, and then only did that to a portion of the wall.
  • You want models who stand out from the rest of the pack, be it with a breathtaking mixture of different nationalities, unusual hair, make-up or body piercings, or eye-catching tattoos or alternative clothing choices.