Sentence Examples

  • Based mostly on religious imagery and focused around Christian paintings, sculpture and architecture, most of the Gothic art produced was done in order to beautify religious buildings in the name of the Catholic church.
  • The raw seed can be consumed as a food, of course, but it can also be made into a plethora of other healthy goods, such as oils and butters to treat skin conditions and to beautify the skin.
  • Times all the resources of the sculptor and the painter were employed to beautify it externally and internally.
  • He did much to improve and beautify Rome; he laid the foundation-stone of 'St Peter's (April 18, 1506); he founded the Vatican museum; and he was a friend and patron of Bramante, Raphael and Michelangelo.
  • Growse, who was active in erecting public buildings, and in encouraging the local gentry to beautify their own houses.