Sentence Examples

  • She made a lunge and grabbed the broom, wielding the handle like a club.
  • Lunge, who recommends the use of bleaching powder.
  • The earliest really successful, and still the most generally applied apparatus of this kind, is the Lunge-Rohrmann "plate columns" or "reaction towers" placed between the chambers, but though this and similar apparatus has proved to be very useful in the later stages of the process, it has not been found practicable to do away with the lead chambers entirely.
  • Furious at the loss, the fox made a snarling lunge at Carmen.
  • Lunge, Berichte, 1877, 10, p. 12 75); by fusing sodium benzene sulphonate with sodium formate: C6H5S03Na+-HC02Na=C6HS000Na+ NaHS0 3; by heating calcium phthalate with calcium hydroxide to 330 0 -350° C.; by heating benzotrichloride with water in a sealed tube, and from the hippuric acid which is found in the urine of the herbivorae.