Sentence Examples

  • And those that lye in a close under a hedge haue longe heare and thyck, and they will neuer pylle nor be bare; and by this reason the husbande maye kepe twyse so many catell as he did before.
  • Henrico Briggio Londini publico Geometriae Professori, et amico mihi longe charissimo."
  • Istam autem mutationem ita faciendam censebat, ut o esset Logarithmus unitatis, et 10000000000 sinus totius: quod ego longe commodissimum esse non potui non agnoscere.
  • Briggs assisted Robert Napier in the editing of the " posthumous work," the Constructio, and in the account he gives of the alteration of the logarithms in the Arithmetica of 1624 he seems to have been more anxious that justice should be done to Napier than to himself; while on the other hand Napier received Briggs most hospitably and refers to him as " amico mihi longe charissimo."
  • Dykers and deluers that doth here dedes ille, And dryuen forth the longe day with ` Deu, vous saue, Dame Emme!