Sentence Examples

  • There was, however, a species of appel comme d'abus.
  • 14, according to which Enoch is addressed as "the Son of Man," is seen, as Appel points out, on examination of the context to have arisen from the loss of a portion of the text after verse 13, in which Enoch saw a heavenly being with the Head of Days and asked the angel who accompanied him who this being was.
  • She there wrote her Appel a l'impartiale posterite, those memoirs which display a strange alternation between self-laudation and patriotism, between the trivial and the sublime.
  • The appellatio tanquam ab abusu (appel comme d'abus) in France was an application of a like nature.
  • " Abus " and " Appel comme d'abus ").