Sentence Examples

  • It was the loudest word he'd uttered in two days.
  • Vacancies were filled by the Apella, that candidate being declared elected whom the assembly acclaimed with the loudest shouts - a method which Aristotle censures as childish (Polit.
  • She whinnied the loudest when the group left them.
  • Like our Scottish stags at the rutting season, they roar loudest in cold frosty nights; but on no occasions are their voices to be heard in such perfection, or so intensely powerful, as when two or three troops of strange lions approach a fountain to drink at the same time.
  • It is somewhat curious that some of those who claim Rabelais as an enemy of the supernatural in general have been the loudest to condemn this blemish, and that some of them have made the exceedingly lame excuse for him that it was a means of wrapping up his propaganda and keeping it and himself safe from the notice of the powers that were.