Sentence Examples

  • Overpowering Glitter: While the sparkle of micro pave rings is alluring, too much diamond detailing on the ring's band can overshadow the center stone and make the ring seem garish or ostentatious.
  • While large ships are often replete with garish colors and frenetic themes, Celebrity cruise ships are smoothly coordinated with nautical accents of etched glass, brass rails, warm wood tones, and rich fabrics.
  • Going all out '80s can be a bit garish today, so unless you're attending an '80s party, opt for infusing a few fun elements of the era into your clothing or accessory choices to stave off wardrobe boredom.
  • The Guess by Marciano Amazon Bucket: This beautifully serene bag is a light colored straw with white leather accents, rounded white rope handles, and a bright, but not garish, interior satin print lining.
  • Designers recognize that plus size women do not wish their attire to call negative attention to their bodies; an understated amount of beading can mean the difference between flattering and garish.