Sentence Examples

  • The jewelry should neither overpower the dress by being too large and gaudy, neither should it be so understated that the jewelry gets lost in the finished ensemble.
  • While some of the colors and styles of dress may seem gaudy when seen up close, the fact is they are not meant to be seen except at a distance - often over twenty-five feet away.
  • To keep them from looking boring, the boots have just enough detailing to make them interesting, but not so much that they look gaudy or out of place with patterned outfits.
  • While tracking down the original color may prove a tad bit challenging, there are some other colors similar to OPI nail polish in the color Peachaboo that will give you the same feminine sparkle without a gaudy finish.
  • When it comes to buckles, you generally want to avoid anything too big or flashy, as you run the risk of looking gaudy, unless you're going for a real cowboy look.