Sentence Examples

  • Actress Heather Locklear was Spelling's "lucky charm." He hired her originally to work on the prime time soap opera Dynasty as Sammy Jo, Krystle's somewhat trashy niece who would appear throughout the series.
  • They're sexy without being trashy, and can make even the shyest of ladies feel a bit more brazen without stepping too far outside of her comfort zone the way an open cup bra or other nightie could.
  • What to wear to a lingerie party matters, but maybe not in the way you'd originally think--not to be flashy or trashy; it matters in a way that makes trying on lingerie quick and easy.
  • To look trendy and not trashy, keep your vinyl corsets as the one "wild" piece you wear, and try to choose other classic or even feminine pieces for your ensemble.
  • What some visitors might particularly like about UjENA is that they offer beautiful skimpy suits that somehow manage to come for as more sweet than, well, trashy.