Sentence Examples

  • Butter is thought to help loosen the hair clod, and the extra fiber found in squash is believed to help keep the mass moving out of the digestive tract.
  • Mineral oil is useful for lubricating a clod, but it also leaches Vitamin A from your cat's system.
  • The essential elements were livery of seisin (delivery of possession), which consisted in formally giving to the feoffee on the land a clod or turf, or a growing twig, as a symbol of the transfer of the land, and words by the feoffor declaratory of his intent to deliver possession to the feoffee with a "limitation" of the estate intended to be transferred.
  • The suzerain, after receiving the vassal's homage and oath of fealty, invested him with his land or office by presenting some symbol, such as a clod, a banner, a branch, or some other object according to the custom of the fief.