Sentence Examples

  • He'd taken a gamble by entrusting it to her.
  • Gamble, Manual of Indian Timbers (1902); Indian Land Revenue Policy (Calcutta, 1902); B.
  • War for fighting's sake, although in the popular mind there may be, during most wars, only the excitement and the emotion of a great gamble, has no conscious place among the motives of those who determine the destinies of peoples.
  • Although the food is hit-or-miss, the dining experience, friendly wait staff and happy patrons are worth the gamble, if you're feeling travel-weary.
  • Crawford, was engaged to reorganize the customs; a number of German officers, selected by General von der Goltz, were brought in to reform the army; and the work of restoring the navy to efficiency was entrusted to a British adviser, Rear-Admiral Gamble, and a small British staff.